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Santa Claus

X mas specials

Sonorous B2B/B2C greetings for the Advent season and the turn of the year


Christmas greetings opening doors

The Christmas season is not a season - it is a feeling that is associated with all of us with atmospheric Advent sounds that touch our soul quietly or sometimes loudly.

Enchant your customers with our following X-mas specials:

phone experience

Xmas edition

We convert your telephone service design into a wonderful "X-mas" edition at relevant key points (e.g. greeting, waiting field).

santa claus mit blauer Mütze

Beispiel Use Cases: 
- Welcome Experience
- Wartefeld Experience
- ​Geschäftszeiten Hinweise
- Callflow Makeover
- Voice Bot Special-Intent


sound toolbox

X mas expansion

We expand your individual corporate sound toolbox with the "X-mas" content package, which contains Christmas sounds and music loops for videos, podcasts and events.

Santa Claus

Beispiel Use Cases: 
- Gruß-Video
- Kampagne
- Event
- Podcast
- Audio Greetings



Based on your corporate sound, we design a wonderful-sounding seasonal adaptation.

    QVC logo
    Yello Logo
    Sta Logo
    Computop Logo

    Adaptation: Xmas

    Basis: corporate sound

    Swisscom Logo

    Adaptation: Xmas

    Basis: corporate sound

    Condor Logo

    Adaptation: Xmas

    Basis: corporate sound

    Würth Logo

    Adaptation: Xmas

    Basis: corporate sound

    o2 Telefonica

    Adaptation: Xmas

    Basis: corporate sound

    Badenova Logo

    Adaptation: Xmas

    Basis: corporate sound

    comevis Exclusive

    Personalized audio/voice greetings

    from our C-Cloud, fortouching WhatsApp, social media and email communication.

    • Personal name address

    • 25 to 100,000 individual speeches

    • Acoustically emotionally staged

    ann  Mustermann

    • Can be implemented in the short term

    • Template-based if desired

    • Easy to send eg by mail

     Musterman team

    Easy to use in all digital channels, e.g.:

    Whats App Logo
    Outlook Logo
    LinkedIn Logo
    Facebook Logo

    The best for last

    Digital X-mas editions are:




      Mehr über unsere Audible Experience Lösungen

      Xmas contact



      Thanks very much! We will contact you asap!

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