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Audio it yourself! One of the most popular C-Cloud tools is the Creator. Some customers lovingly refer to it as a "DIY tool for sound elements" - and that's exactly what it is. With the Creator, short audio files can be created quickly and easily in real time without much planning, audio engineering or mixing. After entering what the audio file should contain, the Creator does the rest and delivers the finished file immediately in all common formats for download. So if, for example, the server is down and a phone announcement needs to be made quickly or a spontaneous video for social media needs background sound, the Creator is there to automate the audio/voice production!
The Creator makes your daily work easier and allows you to work spontaneously and receive audio files in real time.



With over 330 possible voices, the Creator offers access to the best neural and classic TTS voices.

All of these voices also support extensive optimization & customization options.

We are also happy to synthesize your own company voices and make them usable in the Creator.


So that you can use the Creator in all areas, we offer you the option of accessing up to 120 languages.

If the language you require is missing, a corresponding "production" is also possible.

Branded sound masking

To ensure that the audio files generated with the Creator strengthen your brand and create a unique experience, the Creator processes your individual corporate sounds.

In a standardized process, we create sound-optimized Soundmasking Moods from your corporate sound.

AI advanced audio processing

At the core of Creator is our award-winning A.I. based audio processing. This performs two main functions:

1. an automated production of your audio content

2. A.I. based quality optimization & assurance

Direct download in all
common file formats

mp3, PCM 8khz 18bit Mono, A Law., U-Law, wma

Voice Prompts vs. Creator Audio Files

* Preliminary results from the ongoing comevis Studio "Audio/Voice UX 2022" 

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