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AI Audio/Voice"Application Suite"

For managers from the areas of brand, service and user experience

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Analysis + Management + Generation

C-Cloud Tracker Icon Tracker

AI audio analyticsic
Know what's going on!

C-Cloud Tracker Icon Tracker "Brand"
​Next-Gen Branding!

C-Cloud Tracker Icon Tracker "Campaign"
Campaign Engagement Boost!

C-Cloud Tracker Icon Tracker "Sustainability" Audible Sustainability!

C-Cloud Library Profiler Icon Profiler

Asset/Template Management
Faster. Smarter.

C-Cloud Library Profiler Icon Profiler "Brand-Templates"
Faster, more branding!

C-Cloud Library Profiler Icon Profiler "Social Media"
Content Creators Favorite!

C-Cloud Library Profiler Icon Profiler "Custom"
Asset Management!

C-Cloud Creator Icon Creator

Realtime Audio/Voice Creator
Content on Demand!

C-Cloud Creator Icon Creator "CX"
Service Inn
ovation (IVR/Bot)

C-Cloud Creator Icon Creatoright"Video"
Audio/Vofor explainer videos

C-Cloud Creator Icon Tracker "Custom"
Audio/Voice Automatisieurng

Typical Use Cases:

C-Cloud explained in 3 minutes:

This is how customers
Drive innovation with the C-Cloud

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A.I. Sound Branding

For Telefonica O2 Germany, the Tracker was individually trained so that it can check planned audio content for brand conformity. 
The Tracker can thus help to find the right content faster and communicate more precisely along the brand.

C-Cloud Tracker Logo Tracker "Brand"

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Brand Sound Library

Nürnberger insurance uses the Library Profiler to efficiently deploy the brand sound library we created. They appreciate the time savings when creating e.g. social media content. The long search through databases is now a thing of the past.

C-Cloud Library Profiler Icon Profiler "Brand"

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A.I. Service Experience

With the Creator, VW creates an optimization of the service experience. Using situational sound design, high quality synthetic voices and our Advanced A.I. Audio Processing. Information can be implemented in hotlines in real time.
This increases speed and transparency!

C-Cloud Creator Icon Creator "CX"

Featured Customers

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  • Who is the C-Cloud app for?
    Our applications offer services for all areas of audio/voice communication.These are mostly used for use cases in the areas of branding, marketing, sales & service.
  • What does A.I. based mean?
    In order for our applications to work intelligently and effectively, many of them are based on the use of CNNs (Convolutional Neural Network). It is a machine learning concept inspired by biological processes. The goal is that we can, for example, "digitally map" the way we humans absorb or process acoustic information and use this for analysis or the creation of audio/voice content.
  • Are the applications GDPR compliant?
    Basically, data protection is our top priority! In detail, it is important to check the planned use of our applications individually. We would be happy to advise you comprehensively and individually! In general, we have developed all our applications under the clear "Privacy by Design" mission statement.
  • Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence
    This is especially important for us! We are convinced of the positive benefits of Audio/Voice A.I. for society! Especially in this area enormous added values can be created. Therefore, we position ourselves clearly here by developing "Ethical Audio/Voice A.I. Guidelines". We work internally according to these guidelines and have ensured by means of process chains that this is continued with our customers and users.
  • Who or what is comevis?
    The comevis GmbH & Co. KG is the developer & operator of the C-Cloud and The No. 1 for audible brand digitalization. At comevis GmbH & Co. KG from Cologne, Germany, we work with musical, technology-affine specialists who boldly think ahead in auditory communication and interaction and make it easy to apply on the pulse of time. We can hear in the sound of the brand world not only sound logos and commercials. In our experienced ears, the words automation, code-based sound branding and artificial intelligence resonate most with this topic. Why? Because we have been researching and innovating in this field since 2002, in order to provide decision-makers in Europe and around the globe with the best expert know-how.

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