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Your sound testing center

Whether it's a marketing video, radio spot or podcast - the right campaign sound is often part of the brand's everyday life. But with so many acoustic applications, it's easy to lose track of whether the sound used is still "on brand" or already "off brand. It would be perfect to have your own sound experts in the company who check every sound before it is published. But getting them is not that easy and would also be a bit too much of a good thing in terms of personnel. What if we told you that you don't need these experts? Because that's exactly what the Tracker does! You play your video, spot or podcast in the Tracker app, personalized for you, and the Tracker does the rest. It uses a scoring system to tell you whether the sound is suitable for your brand or completely off the mark in terms of tonality, rhythm, etc., and can even warn you if sound elements are being run by defined competitors.

Der Tracker in 90 Sekunden erklärt:

Brand Score

As a first simple indicator whether an audio content fulfills the necessary brand fit, the Tracker outputs the individual brand score. Content with an individually defined brand score of 70 or more, for example, is considered "on-brand" and can be used for the corresponding communication.

Brand timeline

In addition to the brand score, which provides an initial summarized view, it is important to be able to understand in detail at which content point the corresponding content performs well or poorly.


Our brand timeline serves this purpose. On the timeline, the corresponding brand score can be displayed to the second, if desired.


As a result, targeted optimization can be carried out and the desired result can be achieved effectively.

High precision support

After the individual training of your tracker, it will be able to assign an audio content to your brand with an accuracy of 97% or certify "non-fit" accordingly.

In 3 steps to your Tracker

1. Sonic code

Together we work out what your brand sounds like. Which values have to be set to music? What colors do you resonate with? And how does the voice of your brand actually sound?

2. A.I. training

We train our algorithms with your individual sonic code. This is how the Tracker gets to know you and understands how you are positioned as a brand.

3. Integration

Use your individual tracker either here in your C-Cloud account or integrate it via an API interface  in your environments/tools.

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