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Audio/Voice Asset & Templates

C-Cloud Library Profiler Icon Profiler "Brand-Templates"
Faster, more brand!

Based on your brand sounds, we create suitable templates for the common formats. Based on this, the Profiler "Brand Templates" offers quick and easy access. It ensures that the most suitable template is always found. This ensures that it is much easier and faster to roll out your own Audible Experience and anchor it in the target group.

C-Cloud Library Profiler Icon Profiler "Social Media"
Content Creators Favourite!

With the Profiler "Social Media", content creators / content teams have a high-performance "toolbox" to create a brand-compliant Audible Experience on all social channels.
From sound effects to mackerel sounds to building blocks to increase the watch time, everything is possible here! Searching for the right sounds or using interchangeable standards is now a thing of the past.

C-Cloud Library Profiler Icon Profiler "Custom"
Asset Management!

With the Profiler "Custom" we create the central location for all your audio assets.
From sound effects to music, individual tracks and templates, we can implement everything that your agencies need for practical work. We tailor the intelligent filters and management options to your brand communication.



Filter - Find - Done

In 3 steps to your Library Profiler

1. Sonic coding

Together we work out how your brand sounds. Which values need to be set to music? Which colors resonate with you? And what does the voice of your brand actually sound like?

2.Library Building

We create your unique sound library with our content packages

3. Integration

Use your individual Library Profiler either here in your C-Cloud account or integrate it  in your environments/tools.

Corporate Sound

The classic corporate sound quickly reaches its limits in today's dynamic times. There is simply a lack of flexibility to effectively play on all channels.


Intelligent Sound Library

An intelligent sound library developed from the Sonic Code, on the other hand, offers enough flexibility  as well as variety of alt to make all channels performant auditory.

App Filter:

For which touchpoint are you looking for an audio/voice solution?

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