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Always the right sound - with intelligent filter

Corporate Sound does not mean "the one jingle" or "the one particular music". Corporate sound, that is many different elements that all carry the same sound DNA. A large library that can be used appropriately for a brand in different situations. That's where the Library Profiler comes in. It brings order to the library clutter! Just as it is not always easy to find the right book in a real library, it is not always easy for corporate sound users to click through the various sound elements. It can easily happen that the same few elements are always used, leaving variety by the wayside and overlooking elements that would fit the content much better. The Library Profiler can prevent this.

In the Library Profiler, you simply specify what the sound is needed for - for example, a video. Then you set the mood - for example, dynamic and a bit innovative - and then whether the sound is used purely for the brand image, or whether it should be followed by a sale, for example. The Library Profiler filters out the appropriate elements and reduces the selection to the sounds that are really needed for the specific application. Of course, the library is modular and individually expandable.


Thanks to the Library Profiler you don't have to search long and your media elements will be happy about sound variety, which is guaranteed to be always on brand!

Corporate Sound

The classic corporate sound quickly reaches its limits in today's dynamic times. There is simply a lack of flexibility to effectively play on all channels.

Intelligent Sound Library

An intelligent sound library developed from the Sonic Code, on the other hand, offers enough flexibility  as well as variety of alt to make all channels performant auditory.


Best suited for:


Equip all teams with the same extensive audio/voice resources. This ensures consistent acoustic communication of your brand.

Social Media

Equip your agencies/service providers with perfectly structured content. This helps to increase the speed and efficiency of your projects.


Equip your agencies/service providers with perfectly structured content. This helps to increase the speed and efficiency of your projects.

In 3 steps to your Library Profiler

1. Sonic coding

Together we work out how your brand sounds. Which values need to be set to music? Which colors resonate with you? And what does the voice of your brand actually sound like?

2.Library Building

We create your unique sound library with our content packages

3. Integration

Use your individual Library Profiler either here in your C-Cloud account or integrate it  in your environments/tools.

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