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A.I. Powered Audio Transcription

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Turn audio into text

Our intelligent secretary, the Secretary, makes everyday life easier when it comes to transcription. Tiresome typing of spoken audio files is now a thing of the past. Let's assume you want to adapt the telephone announcements in your headquarters. Often the text has to be transcribed and typed, then changed in writing and later re-recorded. Quite time-consuming, in our opinion! Of course, there are some transcription tools on the market, but as soon as background noise and music are involved, the transcribed texts also become adventurous. Sometimes sentences are swapped, sometimes piano chords are made into words and sometimes music and speech are mixed wildly. The Secretary, on the other hand, filters out all background noise and explicitly transcribes only the spoken text, and does so with error-free grammar.

So our Secretary not only turns audio into text, but filters spoken audio and delivers flawless transcripts for documentation or further processing.

Best suited for:

IVR / dialogue systems

Personalized content

Audio  Archives

A.I. technology


Automated Speech Recognition 


Natural language processing

The AI uses both technologies to achieve the highest possible accuracy using dictionary comparisons.

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