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A.I. Audio Editing 

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Trade voices, instruments & more

We all know it, in a picture we do not like something and with the help of Photoshop & Co. we can remove or replace elements. What is normal in image editing, for the acoustic often leads to greater challenges.
For example, if an off-screen speaker's statement in a video needs to be adjusted afterwards, it is imperative to have access to the corresponding project files/production resources.
In practice, it is often the case that after a certain period of time, only the final products, i.e. the final video, have been saved.
In order to be able to make a change now, the audio track must be subsequently broken down into its individual parts, such as instruments & voice. This is exactly what we offer with our A.I. Track Separation Service. 

Best suited for:

Voiceover  corrections

Instrument Exchange


A.I. technology

Original track

Voice, instruments & Co. all in one "hum track"


Level #1 separation

Voice & Instruments each as a separate track/file



Level #2 separation

Voice, SFX & Instruments each as their own track/file




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